Ever look at your life and wish you could hit a reset button?

The good news is…

it’s not too late

It’s never too late to fall in love

to renew your relationship

to figure out who you are and how

you can create a beautiful, connected union


It’s about making courageous choices that move you from surviving to thriving 

It’s about having the COURAGE to choose HAPPINESS

Helping you make the choices to create a relationship that feels as good as it looks

Let’s create the love you want AND deserve

Courage Coaching Program

Take the courageous step of reconnecting with the real you

The first step to finding true happiness is falling in love with the girl in the mirror. Take this journey with me to discover who you really are, what you truly want – and how to take action to make it happen. From finding love to renewing your relationship, this 12-week program will intricately weave its way into every part of your love-life. 

Illuminate Your Truth Program

Are you ready to step out of the life you’re in – and into the one you want?

Ready to break free from feeling flat and overwhelmed so you can really have a crack at life? This four-week program gives you the courage and the tools to shine a light on what holds you back– and will illuminate your path forward.

Inspirational Speaker

Taking bookings now for events in 2020

Are you running an event in Australia? Book now for speaking engagements in 2020 for inspiring, compelling and impactful presentations that will leave your audience feeling empowered and energised to do more with their lives.

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