Would you really just like to be loved for all that you are… and all that you are not? Does safe excite you more than perfect? 

When you are bringing broken, scarred fragments of yourself to the table, the doubt is real.

“Will he accept me for all that I am and all that I am not?”

“Will he honor me for all of who I’ve been and all of who I am yet to be?”

“Will he handle all of the places I’ve been and all the places I still have to go?”

The reason he will…

Is simply because you will refuse to settle for anything less.

There is no harshness in this reality, just a gentle self knowing of~

“I want to create the boundaries I need. I don’t want say yes to anything less. It is ok to ask for what I need.”


No can sound like a million different things.

“No I don’t want to live like that.”

“No I don’t want to be treated like that.”

“No I don’t want to do that.”

“No I don’t want to feel like that.”

“No I don’t want to beleive that.”

“No I don’t want to pretend, shrink or exaggerate.”

It is time to quite simply, just be YOU!!

The reality is, that at times you aren’t even sure who you are.

You learned in your primitive years how to gain acceptance, what love felt like and how to avoid uncomfortable feelings.

The key to your lock lies within you. 

Before you can just BE you, you have to learn who YOU are.

You have to be willing to meet yourself, over and over.

BUT, you have to bring with you a level of self-acceptance you’ve never felt before because If you truly want to create or attract a deeply connected relationship, you have to open up to accepting the shadows, the light, the fuck-ups and the achievements.

There is no other way to call in external validation than to have no need for it.

When you know YOU, when you see YOU, when you value YOU, the outside world begins to listen, see and respond accordingly.

YOU determine how people treat you in the way in which you treat yourself. Are you modelling love and acceptance? 

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