I can’t say I am a diligent nutrition advocate. Truth be known I struggle with food, it’s an addiction I find difficult to shake. Sugar and coffee seem to be my arch-nemesis. I have known for a long time it is a mental game I am yet to win, there are underlying factors that draw me to the wrong choices and it is there that the true work lies.

It is much like anything really, without some awareness of the problem there is little hope for any long-lasting transformation. This past week has been quite the awakening on the front of nutrition and the role it plays. While I am aware than food boosts our immune system, something quite important as COVID-19 floats about, it was such an enlightening moment to realise that in all reality the behavioral pattern of addictions (in this case food) has a direct link to being addicted to feeling like shite!!

When I’ve pondered my food selections before, when I’ve witnessed the peak and troughs, the on the wagon/off the wagon cycle, in all honesty, I was convinced that it was the yearning to feel good, the high from sugar and the contentment from coffee that I was craving. As the journey of self-discovery continued I was alerted to the fact that generally, it is the opposite thing we are craving. For the most part, we are craving the downer, the chemical release of Cortisol and Adrenaline we get from shit-talking ourselves and getting stuck in negative dialogue!!

Can you believe that?? We become addicted to feeling like SHIT. To rubbish talking ourselves, to focusing on the negative aspects of who we are, to doing the thing that will essentially make us feel bad… We are ADDICTED to it!! Can you notice that? If you took an audit of your behaviors and how you feel after you do them, would this present itself as true?

I am fortunate enough to have amazing support people around me to guide me on this journey, to learn from and chat with. It was wonderful, with this new awareness to chat with Jodie Hesselwood, founder of The Whole Way about all things nutrition. As a Functional Nutritionist, Jodie has a wonderful knowledge base of how nutrition can support or suppress our immune system and the role it plays with our moods and emotions.

It is a complex matter that Jodie really simplifies. Once you become aware of how the brain works, the habits that are in fact an addiction,  then you can begin to regain control, not only for yourself but also for our families. The journey does not have to be undertaken all at once, but gradual changes to create powerful change.

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