The GRIND!! The time and space where you feel like you are pushing up against every raw nerve you have. Those moments where all roads lead you to bloody well nowhere… or do they. I have learnt over the years, although I resisit, I push back, stamp my feet and throw pity parties, there is ALWAYS a gift within the grind.

The lessons, the understanding and awareness is ever present when the dust has settled. In fact, the quicker we find a way to surrender, to pivot and accept, the quicker the grind gives way. These are not easy things to remember when caught in the eye of the storm. Mindset shifts and energy recalliberation are not always simple, sometimes the grind results in sheer exhaustion. Yet it is integral to our journey out of the frey to ensure we do shift!!

Once out, what can we reflect on? What can we learn from this tiresome event? Were there stories playing out? Did we fall back into old programming? Did we allow old stories to steer us off course? Was the experience out of our control or did we just allow it to be? Truth be told, regardless of events, nothing is ever truly out of our control. While some events will call for periods of deep mourning, we will still be called to shift through if we want to find a way to restart living a fulfillled life.

Even the worst of experiences can gift us with new persective. Sometimes when everything falls apart it makes way for a whole new set of ideas about life, who we are, what boundaries we need and what aspects of life need a shake up. Some of the biggest mindset shifts I’ve ever had were due to trauma. Others were do to generational patterns and others because of new learnings and experiences.

Each time I’ve found myself in the GRIND a whole new level of understanding follows. Layers of limiting beliefs, false ideals, ego stories and toxic emotions are shed. Each time I recalliberate, more of what does not serve me is let go. Every time the clarity and confidence to rise even higher, becomes ever present. While the grind anchors us in heavy, soul searching excavations, it also chips away at our choice to escape. The grind roots us in the need to explore, if we choose, the recess of every hidden crevice of our being.

What we can find there, hidden in the dark, is the precious key to unlock the path forward. Never underestimate the gift that can be found in the grind. It’s the key to the very empowerment you crave.


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