Some things come to us and we ponder how it is that we ever lived without them. They seep in under our skin and fundamentally change who we are. Without these beautiful droplets, I wouldn’t be sharing my heart with you. Why? Well because they have the ability to crack our encasing, our outer layers so our soul shines through. They remove the clatter and the bang and connect us, through molecules of beautiful synergy to our heart space, to our honesty and to our bravest entity.

These oils continue to scrape away the rotting flesh of my limiting beliefs. Delivering me a soul family who have allowed me to dance and drag my way through growing and expanding into this newer version of me. Together we have led each other, held each other and encouraged each other. It is a family like no other. Alignment, the keynote of the music we play.

It is here I ponder… who would I be without my oils. The courage, confidence and clarity cannot be rivalled. Pray tell to the heavens and mother earth for her luscious most prized gifts of earth.

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