Inspirational Speaker: Andrea Powles-Gullick

Because everyone deserves to thrive! 

After watching her son battle a cancer diagnosis at just 2 days old and losing her husband to a traffic accident, motivational speaker Andrea Powles-Gullick faced a moment of defining clarity that shifted her life onto a new path:

YOU are responsible for your own happiness

You can’t wait for it… you have to go out and create it.

Speaking from a wealth of personal experience, Andrea delivers inspiring, compelling and impactful presentations that will leave your audience feeling empowered and energised to do more with their lives.

With her own brand of straight-talking empathy and humour, Andrea is available for speaking engagements around Australia. Particularly suited to presenting to businesses, schools and female audiences, Andrea’s presentations can encompass personal development, mindset, parenting, and relationship topics, including:

  • Overcoming Trauma and Adversity
  • Mental Health and Managing Stress
  • Mindset and Learning to Pivot
  • Understanding Emotional Intelligence
  • Creating A Life of Balance and Harmony
  • Parenthood- Highs, Lows and Hardship
  • How to Trust in Love, Life and Challenges


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“Andrea, thank you so much for sharing courageously from your heart at October’s LWYD Collective Event!

Thank you for bringing your beautiful and uplifting energy to the room and for sharing your experience and genuine stories from your journey with the room.

I especially loved your share on how we don’t have to do business the way we’re told to do it, choosing to do it the way that feels right to us is just as courageous, about authenticity being about knowing who you are and leading with the right intent.

I loved our conversations on the night, and I know the audience took away so many unique insights and practical tips to unlock their courage.

Thank you for everything that you brought to the night and I look forward to working with you again in the future”

Christine Corcoran
Love What You Do Collective Event 

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