Why Nutrition Matters.

I can't say I am a diligent nutrition advocate. Truth be known I struggle with food, it's an addiction I find difficult to shake. Sugar and coffee seem to be my arch-nemesis. I have known for a long time it is a mental game I am yet to win, there are underlying...

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Why Self-Acceptance Needs To Be A Priority.

Would you really just like to be loved for all that you are... and all that you are not? Does safe excite you more than perfect?  When you are bringing broken, scarred fragments of yourself to the table, the doubt is real. “Will he accept me for all that I am and...

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The Key To Conscious Communication

As I sit and ponder what has been one of my great challenges and I listen to the world around me, I sense it is a collective wound. The ability to communicate on a level much deeper than what can be heard. The need, that innate desire to be felt and recognised when...

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The TRUTH about growing pains.

I have lived for the most part, with a heart that aches for adventure, change and opportunity, but a head that wants safety, protection and predictability. There is a part of me that relishes creating discomfort and the opportunity to grow, while another part hates...

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