Having a safe little sanctuary for you to explore your deepest thoughts and feelings while sharing, bonding and relating to other like-minded women is the gift that Free To Be Me offers. It is only when we feel truly seen and heard that the essence of who we are shines through. 


It is often hard to see what gets in our way, but clarity is possible.


Learning to unpack yourself and feel the freedom to be YOU can often be challenging. With my gentle, intuitive guidance and the support of other beautiful souls, invested in the same journey, you are offered a deep, reflective exploration that requires honesty and vulnerability. This program offers you the opportunity to gain more awareness and self-acceptance so you can own your true worth.


Free To Be Me


was created to help you solve these challenges:


~ Feeling stuck in a rut and fearing that this is as good as life gets

~ Needing to be the ‘Good Girl’ and doing what others want, while feeling exhausted and frustrated

~ Lacking the confidence to speak up and share your thoughts and feelings

~ Continually feeling confused by how to change anything in your life that isn’t working


Through our work together, you’ll be able to:


~ Learn ways to calm your mind so you can overcome overwhelm

~ Confidently make decisions that feel right for you

~ Have open and honest conversations with those you love

~ Gain the FREEDOM to BE who you are and feel energised by your life!


Program Includes-

4x Weekly Group Calls (60-90min)

4x E-book Modules

Unlimited Support Via Voxer

Week 1
Uncovering the core wounds and limiting beliefs that are connected to your emotions
Week 2
Addressing where your beliefs and emotions come from and releasing the hold they have  
Week 3
Embracing YOUR truth and physically, emotionally and energetically managing your emotions  
Week 4
Celebrating the FREEDOM to be you and creating a plan for your future
$395 AUD

All I can say is “WOW”
Andrea is one of the most intuitive people I’ve ever met. Her words of wisdom are just spot on. I love that she is real as well. 
The best choice I made for my life was to join Andrea’s 4-week Free To Be Me program. 
The changes I felt in even the first week were amazing. To be able to speak my truth and let go of worrying what people think of me is so empowering. 
I would recommend Andrea to anyone. She is one frickin beautiful soul


Andrea has given me the tools and the courage to step away from the comfortable, deal with what holds me back and run towards my big, wild dreams! Her intuition and ability to put into words what you can’t is amazing and brings a level of clarity to a head full of crazy thoughts and a heart full of pain, which allowed me to breathe deeply again. Can’t recommend doing her Free To Be Me course enough.


Andrea has a beautiful nurturing energy and holds an incredibly safe container to share during the coaching experience. She helped me to gain many insights and nuggets of wisdom moving forward in my journey and I’d highly recommend her.


I have been so blessed to have connected with Andrea through a mutual friend and have just completed Andrea’s 4-week Free To Be Me course.
Before starting this course I saw vulnerability as a weakness and it was a huge road block for me in creating, sharing and living my vision. Andrea reminded me that vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths and I now feel comfortable to feel every emotion freely, not just the good ones.
I am learning to build a healthy relationship with my emotions….. I don’t need to be strong all the time.
This beautiful woman is so inspiring…. I know she was sent to me for a reason. To illuminate my truth and be someone I will call my friend for a lifetime.

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