~About Me~

I am a Mother, Widow, Wife, Courage Coach & Speaker.
I am here to CREATE a difference in the lives of those ready to recreate their life and put heartbreak and overwhelm behind them. 

I stepped into Coaching and Speaking to inspire people to get the most from their life. To have the COURAGE to live life on their terms by really getting to know who they are… beneath the surface, underneath the titles and expectations we often have.


This journey started over 15 years ago, long before I realised WHO I WAS and what my path would bring. A time where I was content with being a mum and a wife, where hairdressing was my only career.


Growing up, all I wanted was to get married and start a family. It was my greatest aspiration really, there was no travel or extraordinary career paths. Just a simple dream of family life on a farm.


After 3 years in the ‘big smoke,’ I returned home to country living and found me, my farmer! Life was good… until it wasn’t. We had to watch our son battle a cancer diagnosis at just 2 days old. Scans, treatment, surgeries, these were all a part of our newborn’s journey. The hospital became our second home. It certainly wasn’t the initiation to parenthood that I anticipated. 




Unlike many families we met, our baby survived. After surgery at 10 months old, he went into remission and is now a healthy sixteen-year-old. My husband and I went on to add another baby boy to our family and we continued living our life happily together. We were changed, however, with life feeling more precious than ever. 




Two days after our eldest son’s 3rd birthday and with a baby brother in tow, my husband would lose his life in a car accident. Our life literally changed forever. It would NEVER be the same! In the process of surviving not one, but two traumas my mental health suffered terribly. Yet with time, grace, deep inner soul searching and loving support I survived the horror shows life had thrown at me.


Throughout my journey and recovery, I recall a distinct moment of clarity. It was the catalyst for shifting me out of my depression and onto a new path:


‘YOU are responsible for your own happiness.’ 


Two years after the accident I realised I couldn’t wait for happiness to find me, I had to go out and create it!  I accepted that the feeling of misery was overwhelming and I did not want to be STUCK in that feeling forever.


Life can suck… in very big ways. What is really important, I decided, was that only I could allow that feeling to derail the rest of your life. And I simply did not want to!! I had two little boys who were relying on me to ‘get it together’. I commenced a University degree, booked holidays, bought a house and basically formulated a plan on how to move my life forward.


I committed to not settling for mediocre. I was not willing to accept that my life was over or that my trauma was a reason to live a life of self-pity. I was going to thrive and recreate my own happiness. I owed it to my late husband, our children and more importantly myself.


Over a decade later I enjoy a beautiful, harmonious second marriage, 3 healthy children and a load of magical memories, I am in fact THRIVING after my life was completely turned upside down!! We travelled around Australia in 2018 and have now relocated to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. After surviving both traumas, overcoming Depression, PTSD and PNA, there is not a day I do not rejoice that I am living a perfectly imperfect life!!

After all, life IS what you make it!!

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