Do you have the courage to fall in love

with the girl in the mirror?



I’m Andrea Powles-Gullick, a Courage Coach for women ready to make the choice to thrive~ to choose happiness and love regardless of what has been thrown their way.


Life happens – and sometimes, life asks you to cope with more heartbreak than you could have ever imagined it would.


We don’t always get to decide how our story begins, but we do always get to choose where we take it! 




Growing up, all I wanted was to get married and start a family. So fresh out of high school, I did exactly that. Life was good… until it wasn’t. We had to watch our son battle a cancer diagnosis at just 2 days old. Scans, treatment, surgeries, these were all a part of our newborn’s journey. The hospital became our second home.  


He survived, we survived and we all got on with living!! We knew, with gratitude in our heart, that we escaped what many families do not get to. Our baby was a survivor and would go on to become a beautiful, healthy young child.


Two days after his 3rd birthday and with a baby brother in tow, my husband would lose his life in a car accident. Our life literally changed forever. It would NEVER be the same! In the process of surviving not one, but two traumas my mental health nearly pulled me under. With time, grace and deep inner soul searching I survived that horror show.


After a while, I nervously entered a new relationship- that never survived the distance. I felt unlovable, broken and desperately lonely… I was sure I would never find love again. I felt guilty for wanting it but couldn’t imagine life without it. 


But one day, in the midst of all this surviving (which included bouts of depression, medication and pity parties) I had a moment of defining clarity which shifted my life onto a new path:


‘YOU are responsible for your own happiness.’ 


And just like that, I realised I couldn’t wait for happiness to find me, I had to go out and create it!  Yep, life can suck… in very big ways. It happens and it’s OK not to be OK. What is really important, however, is to not allow that feeling to derail the rest of your life. 


That was the day I committed to not settling for mediocre. I was going to thrive and recreate my own happiness. I know that accepting that I was the curator of MY life and choosing ways to live a joy-filled life ultimately led me to my second husband. 


A decade later, with a beautiful, harmonious marriage, 3 healthy children and a load of magical memories, I am in fact THRIVING after my life was completely turned upside down!!  There’s not a day I do not rejoice that I am living a perfectly imperfect life!! After all, life IS what you make it!!


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