Andrea Powles-Gullick

Supporting women experiencing an ‘Identity Crises’

to take an inner journey

and gain clarity, courage and confidence

 to transform their life.

Are you ready to make COURAGEOUS changes in your life? 

Do you feel like you are at a cross-road in your life?

Something has changed, you are not who you once were.

You want something MORE from this life, but you’re not quite sure what that is??

There is just this constant ache for something different and you need a guiding light to help you find your path forward?



I’m here to support you to listen to your heart, consciously connect to who you are and gain the direction you need to transform your life and move forward.


We will be the perfect fit if you are~

  • Needing clarity and confidence
  • Wanting direction and a future plan 
  • Ready to take a gentle, inner journey
  • Ready to clear limiting beliefs and old stories 
  • Happy for constructive reflections
  • Wanting more joy and excitement in your life
  • Ready for the freedom to be YOU 
  • Ready to commit to YOURSELF


You may also like my style if you are~

  • Open to holistic modalities of support
  • Prefer a gentle journey with a trusted confidante
  • Ready for open and honest guidance
  • Need accountability and loving reassurance
  • Happy to dig deep for the answers you hold within

She needed a HERO, so that’s what she became

Work With Me

“To live with courage, purpose and connection- to be the person we long to be- we must again be vulnerable. We must… show up and let ourselves be seen” – Brene Browne.”

Are you ready?



Inspiring audiences around Australia to find the courage to thrive and do more with their lives


“A Diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”- Henry Kissinger.

Sometimes our greatest adversity can lead us to a much richer understanding of who we are.

Learn how I went from ‘Challenge to Change.’