The power to change is in your hands!

You can choose to Thrive!


Does your relationship INSPIRE you or TIRE you?

Healthy relationships are integral to your ability to THRIVE.  

Are you ready to do what it takes?



Andrea Powles-Gullick
Courage Coach & Inspirational Speaker

for women ready to renew their relationship and begin to THRIVE.


Why are relationships so hard?

How do you go from the dream arrangement to merely existing?

When did the love and excitement disappear?

Sometimes life has a way of taking you down a path maybe you didn’t ask for.

Before you know it you hardly recognise yourself.

My work takes you on a journey of reconnecting with YOU, to reclaim your joy and find a deeper connection within your relationship.

Because when you’re in a good place, when you own who you TRULY are, you’ll start enjoying all the little things life has to offer.

But first, you have to choose to thrive.


I am dedicated to helping women fall in love with the life they live and take ownership over their own happiness.

When you honor YOURSELF, life and love become an abundant playground of opportunity.

I’m here to support you to create change… in your mindset, your relationship, your outcomes and your level of heartfelt happiness!


I’ve been there… at the cross-road of life. I’ve had some pretty shitty curveballs and spent time surviving the heartache any way I knew how.

I distracted myself, busied myself, even tried to deny the reality, yet each day I woke up and it was all still there. 

I did the best job of rebuilding my life, putting my broken heart back together and working out who the F*** I actually was.

Amongst all that SURVIVING I realised: if I wanted to be happy, I had to make a courageous choice.

The choice to THRIVE.

… and I’m here to show you that you can, too.


YOU are responsible for your own happiness
You can’t wait for it… you have to go out and create it.


It’s never too late to renew your relationship, to embrace change or break away from the stale old stories that hold you back.

I know…sometimes it’s tricky to see what’s right in front of you. Sometimes, life feels so hazy that the path forward is nowhere to be seen.

I help women just like you to not only find the path but fly higher than you ever imagined possible! 

Are you ready to feel more connected, more accepted, and enjoy more freedom within your relationship? 


She needed a HERO, so that’s what she became


“To live with courage, purpose and connection- to be the person we long to be- we must again be vulnerable. We must… show up and let ourselves be seen” – Brene Browne.”

Are you ready to be the person you long to be?

Join my ‘From Challenge to Change’ 12 week program.


Inspiring audiences around Australia to find the courage to thrive and do more with their lives


“A Diamond is a chunk of coal that did well under pressure”- Henry Kissinger.

Sometimes our greatest adversity can lead us to a much richer understanding of who we are.

Learn how I went from ‘Challenge to Change.’

In a world full of noise, buzz and 24/7 distractions,

I’m here to guide you back home,

to the knowing that life itself is miraculous & that

you are more capable than you realise.