Hi I’m Andrea- A Teacher, A Learner and A lover of LIFE!

Welcome, it’s great to have you here! My journey began when my world fell apart… it’s seems to be a pretty common theme. I had spent 8 years searching for a deeper meaning to life, feeling the pull towards a more holistic approach to life, needing to find practices to help quieten my mind.

All of the learning, the searching, the understanding, bought me to a place in time where I realised that Health and Wellness were so much more than good nutrition and exercise. Our minds need more than that. Our hearts need more than that. Our SOULS need more than that!

A complete stranger introduced me to a beautiful essential oil company, dōTERRA and my journey really began. I soon realised the impact these pure oils can have on our moods and emotions. I soon relised that they could support me in ways I had only ever imagined. I soon relised they offered a holistic approach to life and dis-ease I never knew existed!

Immediately I recognized the steps I needed to take to support my family. I removed the cleaning products I was regularly using and replaced them with home-made, quick and easy, non-toxic essential oil alternatives. I added oils to Bliss Balls and other food sources to ensure healthy eating. I diffused them daily to uplift and inspire my family, and myself or to calm and ease our ailments. I used them to help our recovery from sport or workout sessions. But most importantly I used them to help FIND myself.

In finding myself I began to realise I had a gift I needed to share with others. This gift was educating others on the amazing alternatives Mother Nature has so graciously gifted us. I realised I had the ability to share from a heart centered space and that most of all I wanted to help others change their lives, much as I had done.

I want to help you FIND what lights you up. I want to support your journey and share ideas and inspiration to help you on your way. It has been an incredible journey of self-empowerment and purposeful living. I am part of a community who feel compelled to educate and inspire women, men and children to live their best life! This could be YOU!!!

Live with Purpose, Love with Soul xo

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The most powerful tool I have encountered in my soulful evolution process has been dōTERRA Essential oils. I have read self help books, attended workshops on personal growth, commenced meditation, started yoga and attended counseling, but the single most empowering practice I have begun has been the introduction of essential oils into my every day life.


Finding your tribe is a powerful tool in creating a magnificent life. It is a gift to enrich your life with like-minded people who help us become the best that we can be. Life can be problematic and it’s normal to face challenges but when we have like-minded people supporting our journey the steps and solutions can become clearer.


Soulful living is the process of practicing self love and acceptance, becoming aware of our soul’s purpose and quietening the mind. By undertaking processes which nourish the soul we can listen and feel what is RIGHT for us and not be distracted by the ego, which is mostly outside influences and programming which can create doubt and fear.

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